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Hi, I'm Karen...    

A healer who assists people from all walks of life. Here, I offer support with honoring the Mind, Body & Soul connection.


Working together within a safe space, we answer Earth's call on your journey to Self by Re-membering.


  • Discover your innate power

  • Stimulate your life force energy

  • Connect to Spirit

  • Re-birth to the Authentic Self

  • Embody Soul Alchemy


"Karen is one of the most grounded, honest, open-hearted, and dedicated souls that I have connected with. I have known her for many years as a friend and have benefited myself from her abilities to teach and assess energy in all forms.

There is a sea of spiritual information available to us all and Karen has mastered aspects that many fear to take on... The full assessment of self that enables us to vibrate in alignment with the truth of who we truly are.

This kind of knowledge can only come from the deepest experiences of the heart and is one of the most vital keys of the ascension pathway."


Tim Whild - Practical Ascension

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